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Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Digital Illusions
Release Year: 2016
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Battlefield 1 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo
You get unlimited ammo but have to reload.
No reload + infinite grenades
With this cheat you don't lose ammo while shooting and thus you don't need to reload ammo anymore.
No weapon overheat
With this cheat none of your weapons will overheat anymore!
Fast reload
This cheat activates Fast-Reload!
Godmode + MegaHealth
The normal godmode makes you immortal in game by setting your health permanently to maximum value. If you get damage higher than your maximum health at once, you can still die.

In combination with MegaHealth the maximum health will also increased a lot, so no attacks (but maybe scripted ones) can kill you any longer.
Godmode tank
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

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Battlefield 1: Prepare for All-Out Warfare!

The 2016 first-person-shooter video game Battlefield 1 from the developer DICE is set in the First World War. Fight as an infantry soldier, tank driver and pilot through epic battles of the Great War. Never before has World War I been portrayed so brilliantly in a shooter. To avoid you being one of the countless victims of this conflict, the 2016 released MegaTrainer with all its exclusive cheats will stand by your side!


Unlike the predecessors Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 the newest installment from DICE is not set in the near future with made up conflicts, but plays against the backdrop of the First World War. The story missions take place in 1918 for the most part, so in the last year of the 4-year-long conflict which changed the world forever. This time, you are not only playing the role of one single soldier who is a jack of all trades, but rather you play as 6 different soldiers, each one with his own unique skill-set, like tank-driver or pilot.
The campaign-mode is now called War-Stories. The missions take place on the western front, in the Italian Alps and in the desert. All Story-Missions have a short introductory video.
You take control of a soldier of the US Army, the Harlem Hellfighters, who fought against the Germans on the western front of the war, in France. You also control soldiers of the British and Italian armies. It is a pity that neither the French nor the Russian army is playable in single or multiplayer at the moment. Chances are high though that this will be changed through the release of multiple DLC, part of the season pass, called Battlefield Premium. German soldiers are also not playable in the single-player campaign, only in multiplayer. It's a pity that DICE chose an 'all versus Germany' approach for the single player campaign, since the distribution of 'evil' in the First World War is much more complex than in the following war, World War II. Nevertheless, the single-player in Battlefield 1 is total bang and is right up there with games like Battlefield - Bad Company 2, one of the best single-player campaigns in DICE history.


The gameplay in online multiplayer is as one expects from DICE - simply awesome. Through the Open Beta in August of 2016 you may have already tried out Battlefield 1. The First World War was as interesting for the advancement in the field of military and weapons as hardly any other conflict. Tanks were developed and used for the very first time. The invention of the tank changed warfare forever! Artillery also became much more important than in wars before. All this is presented in astonishing detail in the game. If you had concerns about weapon-variety due to the setting - fear not! There are countless weapons. Especially in the last years of war all sides tried out prototypes on the battlefield and much of these developments are also included in the video game. Sound design and graphics of Battlefield 1 are among the best in the world right now. The gigantic 64-player multiplayer battles are fantastic. The visibility is enormous: in the sky bombers and zeppelins battle it out while on the ground infantry fights against tanks. Just breathtaking! The Engine does a wonderful job of rendering all of this. Especially on PC in 4K Resolution BF1 it is just beautiful!
As terrible as it was for the up to 60 million people who were involved in the First World War, DICE manages to implement this scenario wonderfully in 2016 for the PC and video-game market. During the course of the game, you will unlock codex entries, which will tell you more about the background of a specific battle and the complexity of the First World War. A short history lesson - nice touch!
In addition to the fixed 4 classes, Medic, Assault, Scout and Support, there are special classes that can be found on the battlefield and be picked up. This for example includes the Flame-trooper kit. With it you get a flamethrower and incendiary grenades! The so-called Sentry-Kit comes packed with a powerful Light-Machinegun. In addition to the popular game modes such as Conquest, Rush and Team-Deathmatch, the latest release in the series also includes two new modes. The War-Pigeon mode is a kind of capture the flag. The best innovation, however, is the so-called operations mode. This is best described as a mixture of Conquest and Rush. Defending and attacking teams battle over the course of several maps. You can, for example, play the so-called Kaiserschlacht and unlike in the real world, the Germans can also win those battles in BF1. These so-called what-ifs are always displayed at the end of the operations with a voice-over.
In the operations mode, the attacker team has 3 attempts to drive the defender out of certain sectors and gain control of the battlefield. If the first attempt fails, the attack team gets help through reinforcements in form of special vehicles. Depending on the map, there is either an Airship, an Armored Train or a Dreadnought. The airship is an armed blimp and the dreadnought is a destroyer. A skillful use of these vehicles often decides over victory or failure! The whole setting just looks fresh in BF1 and it is just a whole lot of fun to play!


If you can not get ahead in the single-player of Battlefield 1 and find the German defenses a hard nut to crack, you can always rely on support from our 2016 released MegaTrainer. Say goodbye to worries about your health and your tanks. Our Battlefield 1 Cheats give you Godmode for both! The Battlefield 1 Trainer also gives you infinite ammo and grenades, the ability to reload faster, and your guns will not overheat either. Through our exclusive game codes you will decide all battles on the Western Front and in the Ottoman Empire for you!


  • Stunning game world through the use of the Frostbite engine
  • 64 Players All-Out Warfare Multiplayer battles
  • Authentic weapons and prototypes
  • Captivating story mode
  • New operations mode
  • Great sound design


Battlefield 1 is also available for consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, on consoles the game runs with a dynamic resolution of maximally 1000p with 60fps on the PS4. If a lot happens on the screen, the resolution on both consoles can fall down to 720p. Ouch! On PC, you do not have any of these problems. Thanks to sophisticated graphics settings, like Direct-X11 and 12 support, BF1 looks the best on the PC. The Frostbite-engine makes a great impression again and through the many settings you can also enjoy the First World War on an older computer!

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