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Batman - Arkam Asylum: It’s getting dark in Gotham City

Unfortunately, this is true. At the beginning of Batman - Arkham Asylum you hear the story about the Joker has managed to seize control of the prison institution Arkham Asylum and to incite all occupants against Batman, whether his arrest was accomplished by Batman shortly before this events have occurred.
Game Profile
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive, WB Games, Feral Interactive
Developer: Feral Interactive, Rocksteady Studios
Release Year: 2009
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Batman - Arkham Asylum Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Refill health
Replenishes your health!
+1 Skillpoint
With the help of these cheats you can either increase your skillpoints or set them to zero if you cannot or won't spend further skillpoints.
0 Skillpoints
With the help of these cheats you can either increase your skillpoints or set them to zero if you cannot or won't spend further skillpoints.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Godmode + OHK
This cheat is a combination of a godmode (be immortal) and one-hit-kill to kill your opponents with one single hit. You should use this only if necessary and apart from that the normal godmode, because otherwise it can cause problems in some situations.

Special Hint

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To make matters worse, the Joker has also developed a mysterious tincture and by using it he is well on the way to create an army of super criminals gathering supernatural strength. Long story short: In Batman - Arkham Asylum you jump straight into the role of Batman and try to stop this madman. But you should - confronting a majority of villains - operate from ambush. Therefore you crawl through air ducts, climb high walls, abruptly rope down at the right moment and finally pack a punch - in fact you beat everyone up!


The fights are staged very impressive and you experience the battles of course in first-person perspective! Thus Batman can perform countless combination attacks. And anyway, the dark knight has access to a mighty arsenal: the classic Batarang, the Multi-Batarang, the Sound-Batarang, the frequency scanner, the explosive gel, the Batclaw and the Line Launcher. Whether you want to confuse or knock down opponents, whether you climb up walls or tear them down, whether you intend to crack puzzles or you just knock it off, Batman - Arkham Asylum is a festival of possibilities. The graphics, the sound, the game play and the story are thrilling across the board...


This time, the Joker has really thought of everything: You are on your own and you have to confront superior numbers of brutal criminals. Luckily, you have our Cheats providing you enough life energy to cope with the entire city. The MegaTrainer also increases your skill points and makes your Dark Knight immortal. When push comes to shove, the Batman - Arkham Asylum Trainer activates - in addition to the God mode - the One-Hit-Kill! One single hit and the enemy goes down! Well, sometimes you need a Joker to defeat the Joker!


  • A variety of experimental weapons, well-known from the comics and films
  • Innumerable possibilities of attacks and effective combination attacks
  • Breathtaking showdown against the Joker
  • Exciting story with many surprises
  • Brutal beatings

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