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17.08.2017 • 2 Codes

Aven Colony: A new home for humanity!

In the 2017 released strategy indie-city-builder-simulation-video-game Aven Colony , you are tasked with colonizing the planet Aven Prime. Expand your colonies into huge cities, take care your citizens and face challenges like aliens, devastating storms and the harshest winters you've ever seen. Our 2017 released MegaTrainer comes packed with exclusive cheats & codes such as unlimited resources and no energy consumption!
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Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd, Mothership Entertainment LLC
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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In the video-game Aven Colony you colonize the alien planet Aven Prime to create a new permanent base and home for humanity. Your colony is the first extrasolar settlement of mankind. Aven Prime is a planet with an oxygen-poor atmosphere, fatal poison gas outbursts, harsh winters, thunder- and other devastating storms. It is up to you to tackle those obstacles, conquer nature and make the colony expedition a success! The campaign features nine different missions filled with multiple storylines and different characters. Humanity is not the only inhabitant of Aven Prime. During the course of the game, you encounter a variety of extraterrestrial life forms. In addition to the standard and familiar city-building gameplay elements, you also have to take care of the needs of your population you are the colony governor after all. If the population in Aven Colony is not satisfied with your leadership, they will elect someone else and the game is over!


As any other decent strategy-game, Aven Colony features an endless game-mode. If you are a doing a good job as governor, you can climb the political ladder and eventually become the expedition’s president. In addition to building apartments for your residents, you must also take care energy needs as well as the food supply. Besides the devastating storms winter is one of your biggest enemies in the game. During the icy winter months the world of Aven Colony freezes completely and thus farms cannot produce food, and solar modules will no longer create energy. It is thus vital to the survival of your colony to store enough food and energy during the warmer months. Many elements in Aven Colony are reminiscent of the game Banished, but just set in space! The endless game mode can be played on ten different maps and the campaign will entertain for around 15 hours!


Aven Prime is not the easiest place to build a new home for humanity. To make the project a successful you need our 2017 MegaTrainer and our exclusive cheats and codes. Our handmade Aven Colony Cheats provide you with unlimited resources. No longer do you have to worry about supplies in the winter months and you always have enough resources to build the grandest structures Aven Prime has ever seen. In our Aven Colony Trainer we offer you a cheat for no energy consumption. Build as many homes, farms, and structures as you want, your power-grid will be able to support every single building!


  • Endless game-mode with 10 maps
  • 9 different campaign missions
  • 48 Steam Achievements
  • Amazing Soundtrack
  • 7 difficulty levels


The video game Aven Colony was released as an early-access title on Steam in September 2016. Unlike other games though, the game did not spend several years in early-access, looking at you ARK, but was released after just 10 in July 2017.

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