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Astebreed: Unique action-packed battles

The events of Astebreed are telling of a withering, interstellar war for humanity. The last hope rests on a young pilot and on a girl who has been changed forever. The young girl Joining Roy has managed to escape the clutches of the deadly aliens. But the experiments that have been run on her have changed the girl forever: Now the broken heroine has forces that may avert the downfall of mankind ... The young man Roy Becket on the other hand is the most talented pilot humanity has.
Game Profile
Publisher: AGM PLAYISM
Developer: Edelweiß
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Astebreed Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Mega Shield Bonus
These two cheats enhance your shield and increase your energy!
Infinite energy
These two cheats enhance your shield and increase your energy!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
10x points
Increases your points by the displayed value.
100x points
Increases your points by the displayed value.

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As the galactic war reaches its boiling point, Roy takes over the control of a two-legged war machine, with which he hopes to avert the invasion of the aliens. At first glance, Astebreed looks like a classic arcade shooter. At second glance, one quickly notices the very new life that Astebreed breathes into this genre. The spectacular fights run extremely fast and simultaneously take place from all directions, angles and perspectives. The constant change of perspectives smoothly blends into the game-play. The inspiring battles couldn’t be more unique and action-packed, indeed...
The arcade shooter Astebreed is particularly dynamic, accessible and extremely varied. In particular, the ingeniously designed interplay of perspectives gives the action-packed battles an incredible dynamism. The enemies attack from all directions. The pilot Roy uses his combat robot and quickly runs in any direction to ward off the attacks. All this leads to wicked camera movements—which are not for the faint-hearted. Especially the fighting scenes against bosses who are Mechs themselves are extremely nerve-wracking. The Mech-vs.-Mech-fights run incredibly fast and explosive! The differentiated combat system of Astebreed consists mainly of three attacking modes: Your Mech may attack by using the scatter shot, the focus shot or his mighty sword.


The gigantic blade does not only divide enemy robots and machines into four parts, but it also blocks incoming shots and sends them back against your enemy. The focus shot is particularly useful against enemies that are not located on your level. We already spoke of the multi-perspective setting that dominates this very game. If your opponent is not situated in your field of vision, you mark him with your focus shot and then watch your futuristic projectiles hitting bull's-eye. Speaking of all those enemies, however, that are located on your 2D level—you will either kill them off with your sword or with the scatter shot, which (as the name suggests) unleashes a devastating crossfire upon them.
All these mentioned elements create an extremely complex and dynamic battle system! It does not matter which of the two heroes you control: You constantly try to avoid any attacks and shots of your enemies, to give counterattack, to beat back various manoeuvres, to run your own melee attack, to withdraw as quickly as possible and then unleash powerful ranged attacks. A good fighter knows how to use the many options that Astebreed offers. The ingenious combinations attacks are profitably rewarded as it is typical for this genre. Whoever brings up mighty combination attacks will achieve very impressive effects on his enemies. Indeed, it is very amazing to see how the developers of Astebreed have managed to catapult such a dusty genre into the lucid glamour of modernity. The visually beautiful game and ambitiously designed gameplay really have a sound grasp of contemporary developments. Concerning the legacy that Astebreed has accepted, the game really proves to be a worthy descendant that overcomes the old and shines in new splendour. The battles and the action are simply unique!


Only by using the cheats of our MegaTrainer your heroes get exactly what they need. Our Astebreed cheats provide your warriors with boundless energy and even with the Godmode. Thus, the fights are as explosive as never before. The Astebreed Trainer makes you become immortal and empowers you to perform any attacks without ceasing. This leads to what? To two things: Unique action and unique battles!


  • Crushing, interstellar war of mankind
  • Hero with a two-legged war machine
  • Spectacular battles, extremely fast
  • Battles from multiple perspectives
  • Heroine with unique alien powers
  • Varied missions and tasks
  • Challenging bosses

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