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12.02.2016 • 3 Codes

Assassins Creed Chronicles – Russia: The Revolution follows on the heels!

In February 2016 it has finally come true: The highly anticipated, third and last part of the captivating Chronicles games series, the action adventure game Assassins Creed Chronicles – Russia, is out now. The series is not only so successful because of its unique 2.5D-gameplay. The thrill of being a treacherous assassin is carried to extremes in this last game. Luckily, this MegaTrainer features exactly the right cheats to relax your nerves. After all, whoever equips his character with any number of items and the Godmode will succeed in post-revolutionary Russia for sure!
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Climax Studios, Ubisoft
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Assassins Creed Chronicles - Russia Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite Items
Increases the number of your knives, arrows, granades, etc.
Becomes visible after usage!
No target
This Cheat prevents that the detection beam of the guards goes into the red zone. Therefore, you've got more time to hide out and you might run through the level more easily.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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The game series that was developed by Climax Studios and published by Ubisoft since February 2016 has launched two very special games thus far that stand out due to their unique 2.5D- and stealth gameplay: Assassins Creed Chronicles - China and Assassins Creed Chronicles - India. As the titles of the two predecessors games already suggest: all games of the series tell their own story...
Assassins Creed Chronicles – Russia makes no exception. Just watch one of the many trailer-videos that arouse interest for the inspiring story. The events take place shortly after the October Revolution of 1918. Russia is still in turmoil. The complexly operated propaganda of the winners of the revolution permeates the game world at all corners and ends. You will have to see for yourself how you may cope with this turmoil.
The nice thing: This strange action-adventure game offers numerous videos that really fuel up the already exciting story. These videos are kept in an ornate framed comic look that generate a great atmosphere.
The locations are also truly unique. You'll take the Trans-Siberian Railway, look around the Kremlin and explore the most beautiful sites of Moscow.
We will not spoil anything, but some news about the story are welcome: Your protagonist Nikolai Orelov receives a final order of the Order: He has to enter the tsar-palace and steal a very rare artifact that has always been the bone of contention between Assassins and Templars. There you will witness the cruel murder of the family of Tsar Nicholas II. that is executed by the revolutionaries. Only the little princess Anastasia can escape with your help. Immediately it is important now to not only protect the artifact but also Anastasia from the clutches of the Templars and the Bolsheviks.


The gaming tests do still agree: The 2.5D- and stealth gameplay is nothing but inspiring. The many videos on Steam may provide a foretaste of all the things you experience in Assassins Creed Chronicles – Russia of 2016. Maybe you will uphold the judgment of these tests. It would be much better, of course, if you renounce the videos, run a few tests by yourself and can get convinced of the great mechanisms firsthand.
For this brand new action adventure of 2016 has much more to offer than some fancy Achievements. The gameplay is impressive, even if you know these news already: Sneaking is of much more importance than you might think.
Confronting your enemies in open battle may often lead to destruction. Therefore you should proceed as follows: You have to concentrate on the sight of the guards, sneak past them on tiptoes and hide in the darkness. All hiding spots go in depth: That is why we speak of a 2.5D gameplay!
You will be paid for your caution... literally, because the way how you lead a level section to the end will be rewarded accordingly. Your playing style is decisive to gain more or less points that can be invested somehow. If a guard walks past your hiding place, you may attack them quickly, kill and hide his body in the dark. For your Assassin carries hidden blades and other exciting weapons.
Distraction pays off! A small whistle is enough and your enemies are scattered and perplexed. A shot of a firecracker or a throwing knife may work wonders as well. However, if the direct combat is inevitable, your assassin is ready for that, too: You perform some gallant turns with your sword, block the strikes of your enemy, throw yourself over his back at the right moment and crash your blade through his body! Voila: Life in Assassins Creed Chronicles – Russia is anything but monotonous!


The latest MegaTrainer of 2016 makes life even more beautiful! Thanks to the Assassins Creed Chronicles – Russia Cheats the detection beams of the guards will be prevented from going into the red zone. That means: From now on you will have a lot more time to hide yourself after you have been spotted and before the reinforcements arrive. We also provide you with an infinite number of knives, grenades, arrows and other projectiles that either distract your enemies or catapult them into eternal afterlife. But that's not all: The Assassins Creed Chronicles – Russia Trainer finally supplies you with the Godmode. Well, have fun sneaking, hiding and killing in Russia!


  • Exclusive weapons: soundproofed rifle, explosive mines and a bayonet
  • Watch nice videos and sequences in ornate framed comic look
  • Gaming tests over gaming tests on relevant news portals
  • Many modern vehicles such as trucks, trains and tanks
  • Inspiring story after the October Revolution of 1918
  • New techniques such as elevators, radios, tripwires
  • Videos over videos and news over news on Steam
  • Stimulating Steam Achievements
  • Brand new stealth system
  • Attractive graphics


The action adventure game Assassins Creed Chronicles – Russia that was released in February 2016, of course, offers a few features that couldn't be provided by any of the predecessor games. For this adventurer takes place in the 20th century, therefore the brand new stealth system integrates new technologies such as elevators, radios, tripwires and most modern vehicles such as trucks, trains and tanks. In addition, your sneaking warrior has a soundproof rifle, explosive mines and a bayonet for melee combat. Your stepchild Anastasia provides you access to narrow shafts and the exclusive helical blade! You can say what you want: In this epic final of the great games series the revolution follows on the heels!

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