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Assassins Creed Chronicles - China: The Return of the Brotherhood

Clearly, the player fights in Assassins Creed Chronicles - China as assassin and does everything possible to preserve the code of the Creed. Nevertheless, the new game series can be considered as a mobile phone porting game. This transferring obviously has an impact on the gameplay! Thus it happens that the player leads his assassin from left to right across the screen in a 2D perspective, while the adventures of Assassins Creed Chronicles - China take place.
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Assassins Creed Chronicles - China Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite items (knifes, arrows, grenades)
Increases the number of your knives, arrows, granades, etc.
Becomes visible after usage!
No Target
This Cheat prevents that the detection beam of the guards goes into the red zone. Therefore, you've got more time to hide out and you might run through the level more easily.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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As the title Assassins Creed Chronicles – China suggests, the events take place in the Middle Kingdom of China during the Ming Dynasty in 1526. This long faded century seems to be bad luck for the brotherhood of assassins. All members of the Creed were eliminated by an influential group that call themselves the Tigers, but actually work for the Templars. One of the few survivors is your heroine, also known as Shoah Jun. Your goal becomes obvious: Find the leaders of the Tigers and bring them to their certain death! Your first victim will be Goa Feng. In order to get closer to him, however, you get captured by the tigers by your own choice. You come into captivity with a precious artifact that the Templars are very eager to hold in their hands. Now it's time to leave your dungeon, to find your weapons and to take revenge!


By making this step you penetrate to the very essence of Assassins Creed Chronicles – China: The sneaking! Especially if you have no weapons, it is highly advisable to make sure that no guards discover you. Thus you proceed as follows: You watch the sight of the guards, sneak past them and gently release yourself in dark hiding places. Your caution gets rewarded during Assassins Creed Chronicles – China and is literally worth a mint, because the way you master a level section is evaluated and rewarded, depending on your style! Who does not get discovered, achieves much more points than the one who fights his way out! Especially since during open combat you will become outnumbered many times. However there are many scenarios in the game where you have to kill anyway: But not like Arnold Schwarzenegger-, but gently in assassin-style! If a guard walks past your hiding place, you can ambush him, kill him off in a second and hide your victim in the bushes. For this reason your female assassin wears the infamous hidden blade and another one hidden in her boot!
Anyone who wants to get the highest rating, should not kill for no reason and not get detected at any time! Fortunately, each guard has a visualization of her sight and awareness. That helps you to master tricky situations. The correct distraction may work wonders in certain situations. A small whistle is enough and the guards promptly investigate the origin of the noise. A throw of a firecracker lasts and the guard is stunned for a short time. A skillfully projected throwing knife suffices and the guards are buried alive under the weight of some barrels. Apart from this, Assassins Creed Chronicles – China of course stages some situations where you just have to fight, regardless of there might be any hideouts like bushes, doors, straws, curtains and chests. Your female assassin absolutely stays on her toes during close combats: First, she attacks with her sword, then she blocks the opponent's attack and throws herself over the back of her enemy, just to eliminate him from behind. Therefore there are many reason this very game is just great, despite its unusual presentation!


Although it hardly exists anymore, the brotherhood of the assassins can still count on our MegaTrainer, which remains faithful. It offers the fearless fighter Shoa June everything she needs to avenge her brothers. By the help of our Cheats, the detection beam of the guards will be prevented to go into the red zone. This means: You get more time to hide out whenever someone has spotted your assassin. In addition, you will get infinitely many knives, grenades, arrows and other projectiles that are used for distraction and executing either. Finally, your assassin gets the Godmode and thereby becomes immortal. Therefore: If anyone can help to rehabilitate the brotherhood of the assassins in China, that one will be beyond doubt the Assassins Creed Chronicles – ChinaTrainer!


  • Exciting story-line of loyalty, betrayal and revenge
  • Helpful visualizations on the behavior of the guards
  • Principal presentation in 2D perspective
  • Epic journey through China anno 1526
  • Unique moves and fighting skills
  • Nerve-racking sneaking passages
  • Brutal and intensive meeles
  • Great graphics

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