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01.05.2012 • 3 Codes

Anomaly Warzone Earth: Anomalous is not the word!

Anomaly Warzone Earth offers a sensational mixture of a Real-time strategy- and reversed tower defense game. But one ingredient is missing: Our MegaTrainer! The use of maximum skills and endless resources will add an augmented meaning to the title of this game: Just use the help of our cheats and you will play absolutely ANOMALOUS!
Game Profile
Publisher: 11 bit studios
Developer: 11 bit studios
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Anomaly Warzone Earth Cheats

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Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Infinite resources
This will increase your ressources up to a maximum value!
Infinite Abilities
Increases all your skill up to an infinite value!

Special Hint

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  • All Anomaly Warzone Earth cheats work for the human player only.



With regard to the story the Publisher Headup Games delivers a superior performance. Here you can read the most important news about the story of Anomaly Warzone Earth: The events take place in a near future that seems to be similar to the year 2015. But appearances are deceitful! The down-falling fragments of a giant alien spaceship have destroyed all major cities of the earth. Former world cities and cultural centers such as New York, New Orleans, Baghdad and Tokyo lay in ruins. In the background of this scenario you jump into the role of a commander of a secret armor battalion that is called 14th Platoon. The recent events call for a comprehensive investigation. Therefore Anomaly Warzone Earth sends you out to investigate the anomalies that occur in the vicinity of the wrecks. Your main task is to neutralize the devastating hazards of these anomalies. That means in plain text: You will rid the earth of fearsome aliens that have settled in the destroyed cities.


There are few games that feature such a special gameplay! The most striking news about the game mechanics of Anomaly Warzone Earth are as follows: Anomaly Warzone Earth is an incredibly intense blend of real-time strategy and reversed tower defense. In contrast to classic tower defense games you take on the role of the attacking party! Therefore you have six different types of troops available that attack each with individual strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you are in charge of a directly controllable commander unit that especially shines by its impressive special attacks. The route of your approaching units can be adjusted in real time. Therefore you may ultimately find the optimal path through the battlefield. The strategic challenges are changing from level to level. With further progress in the captivating campaign you will get better upgrades and troops to use! After all, the ultimately aim is to send the most effective squads against the nasty aliens!


You can bet your ass: By the use of the exclusive Anomaly Warzone Earth cheats of our MegaTrainer you are prepared well to put the fear of god into the nasty aliens! First, the use of our cheats makes sure that all your skills will reach their maximum level. This will, inter alia, make all repairs become a breeze. In addition, by our Trainer you will receive an infinite number of resources. Thus you can use all powerful upgrades this game has to offer! What a blessing! Our news seem to be justified: Only the Anomaly Warzone Earth Trainer offers the best help! Use it and your whole gameplay will run absolutely ANOMALOUS!


  • Brilliant blend of real-time strategy- and reversed tower defense game
  • From award-winning publisher Headup Games
  • Six different troop types with genuine skills
  • Exciting campaign in single-player mode
  • Very special game mechanics
  • Impressive special attacks
  • Impressive achievements
  • Atmospheric graphics


Trivia: Delayed Release

The release of Anomaly Warzone Earth was carried out in several stages for different platforms. First, this video game was published in April 2011 for Windows and OS X. In 2012 separate editions have been released for the PlayStation (PS3, PS4), PlayStation Vita and Xbox (Xbox 360). The latest release was accomplished for the BlackBerry 10 in February 2013. Until 2015 there has been no further games editions or publications of this spectacle. Until now (November 2015) this teal-time strategy- and reversed tower defense game is not available for the Nintendo (Wii, Wii U), the Nintendo 3DS and Xbox One. The final judgment for this spectacle is not further influenced by these facts: Anomalous is not the word!

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