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01.05.2012 • 2 Codes

Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign: Never change a winning team!

The video game Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign is the highly acclaimed add-on to Anomaly Warzone Earth that offers an extension of 15 explosive levels. However, to make things really explode you should use our MegaTrainer. By using our exclusive cheats you will get an infinite number of resources and thus play the adventure of your life!
Game Profile
Publisher: 11 bit studios
Developer: 11 bit studios
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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All reviews and test videos confirm it: The story of this video game is motivating from the very first second on. The events take place in a near future: The world that we know in 2015 is unrecognizable. The sudden explosion of a giant alien spaceship has changed the world forever. Former cities and cultural centers such as New York, New Orleans, New Delhi, Tokyo, etc. are smashed to smithers. The fragments of the ship promote the appearance of terrible anomalies. Everywhere there are terrible aliens seeking for destruction. A new age has begun and only you can stop the invasion of the unwelcome guests! Basically, the video game Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign (Nov. 2013) can be considered as a dual-use product since it stages basically two games that you can enjoy. Depending on which mode you play and which level of the glorious campaign you play, the mechanisms of the genres come up with different focuses. The dual use of strategy and attack is enormous fun and introduces you to unseen challenges.


Most reviews and test videos agree: The dual-use concept of strategy and attack makes the gameplay of the video game Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign (Nov. 2013) really special. The mechanisms are the following: The reversed tower defense concept turns out to be an aggressive offensive concept! That means in plain text: Your enemies install deadly towers while you're trying to navigate your units through this hellish inferno. Therefore you have got six different types of troops that all have individual strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you are in charge of a directly controllable commander unit that performs very powerful special attacks. The routes of your attacking units can always be adjusted in real time. By doing so you may find the optimal path through the infernal zone. The aim of this game is to advance through the paths with a minimum damage and to slaughter as many aliens as possible. Your personal motto: Death to all towers!


Her come a little help: Check out our home page and get the latest MegaTrainer 2015! Our exclusive Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign cheats equip you in perfect way to demonstrate the nasty aliens who really is the boss here! Our ingenious cheat codes initially push all the abilities of your units to their maximum level. Moreover you get an infinite number of resources. Thus you will be able to purchase any upgrades and specials that games like this keep ready! Isn't that wonderful? Get the help of the latest Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign Trainer of 2015 and the Aliens will be dead in no time! Victory is yours already!


  • More playful possibilities than in comparable games
  • Motivating dual use of strategy and attack
  • Entertaining squad assault mode
  • Great graphics and sound


The secret of the expression 'mobile campaign' in the title was recently revealed in relevant reviews and test videos: The add-on that extends the main game Anomaly Warzone Earth by 15 sensational levels first appeared exclusively for mobile devices before it was published for Windows and Mac on Steam. The release for the PC was not initially planned. Therefore this adventure still carries this expression in its title. As the saying goes: Never change a winning team!

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