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01.05.2012 • 2 Codes

Anomaly Korea: No tower defense! That's tower offense!

The unique Anomaly Korea is the part of a grand game series and one of the few tower offense games in general. Whoever wants to mount an offensive should use the help of our latest MegaTrainer. Only our exclusive cheat codes will help you to increase the skills of your units immeasurably!
Game Profile
Publisher: 11 bit studios
Developer: 11 bit studios
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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After your stubborn offensives against the aliens in the predecessor game Warzone Earth you are supposed to think that you have expelled the alien invaders from the earth once and for all. But it is far from done. The brand-new Anomaly Korea extends the events of the main game to another nerve-wracking campaign... The alien robots return with all their perishable machines! Months have passed since the final battle against the aliens in Tokyo took place. The human kind thought that they had finished off the aliens for all times. But now they need a special guide to safe themselves. This guide can only be you: The extraterrestrial invaders take revenge and not too short. A massive rocket hail was unleashed over the Korean peninsula. Short time after whole Korea is under the rule of the Aliens. A new invasion has begun and only you can stop the return of the aliens...


There are perhaps only a handful of video games that stage such a special gameplay as Anomaly Korea! This latest adventure is a fascinating and intense mix of real-time strategy and reversed tower defense. In contrast to classic tower defense games you're the attacker this time. Thus you go into battle against the gun-towers of your enemies. For this purpose you can guide up to six individual troops. Each type runs its own attacks with individual weapons and tactics. In addition, you are in charge of a directly controllable commander unit that unleashes spectacular special attacks. Even the paths of your attacking squad may be adjusted in real time at will. The high level of tactical freedom makes it possible for you to find the right path through the infernal war zone. The strategic challenges change from mission to mission and from level to level. In essence, it is all about killing off the terrible aliens and whipping out all the occurring anomalies forever! Attack!!!


Immense Strength: The Anomaly Korea Trainer!

This much is certain: Just use the help of the latest MegaTrainer and you will make the live of the aliens become a living hell! First of all our exclusive Anomaly Korea cheats make sure that all your skills will reach their maximum level. This will help you to repair your units at any time at will. By the use of that your troops will practically become immortal. In addition, you will receive any amount of cash. Thus you can buy all upgrades for your vehicles and soldiers. You can say what you want: Just use the help of our latest Anomaly Korea Trainer and you will receive an immense strength beyond compare!


  • Until 2015 published for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS (iPhone), Android, Xbox (Xbox 360), PlayStation (PS4, PS3, PSP) and PlayStation Vita
  • Pioneering blend of real-time strategy and reversed tower defense game
  • Until 2015 no release for Nintendo (Wii, Wii U, 3DS)
  • Special hints, latest news and great videos online
  • Six different troop types with individual abilities
  • Become the ultimate guide to safe human kind
  • A brilliant part of a spectacular series
  • Atmospheric sound and graphics
  • Spectacular special attacks


Until the end of 2015 this brand-new video game was released exclusively for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS (iPhone), Android, Xbox (Xbox 360), PlayStation (PS4, PS3, PSP) and PlayStation Vita. However, until 2015 there was no release of this video game for the Nintendo (Wii, Wii U) and the Nintendo 3DS. In addition to the brand-new Anomaly Korea there appeared two more games until 2015: Anomaly Warzone Earth and Anomaly 2. One thing is certain: It is really worth to play all the video games of the series. It does not matter whether you play them - on the console, on the PC, via Android or iPhone: The unique gameplay remains unforgotten! Eventually it is no tower defense! This is tower offense!

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