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01.05.2012 • 5 Codes

Your Choices, your Future!

The brilliant simulation game Anno 2070 remains faithful to the gameplay of its famous predecessors! You build up trading houses on various islands, construct housing estates and satisfy your people's needs, no matter what! Our MegaTrainer will help you to meet all of these complex challenges: Ever since these cheats change the values of your money and your licenses to your favor only!
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Blue Byte, Related Designs
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Anno 2070 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Money 10 mio
If you activate this cheat during a game, the value of your money resp. licenses will be set and frozen to the listed value.
Licenses 1000
If you activate this cheat during a game, the value of your money resp. licenses will be set and frozen to the listed value.
Max resources by load/ship
Activate this cheat when you load/ship resources from or to the kontor. From ship to kontor the amount in the kontor will be maximized while loading from kontor to ship will set the value in the kontor to maximum minus the resources for the ship.
Unlimited Units
As long as this cheat is active, you military points for ships resp. troops won't be increased if you build ships resp. troops. If you don't already have the maximum number, you can build unlimited amount of ships/troops.
Resources in buildings 999
Activate this cheat and each building for resources will have the given value of its resource, as soon as you visit it.

Hint: Build many warehouses and all resource-building in a small part of your island. Disable the buildings and fill it always if necessary to have unlimited amount of resources.

Special Hint

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Instead of classic raw materials, new goods such as carbon, kerosene or communicators awake your keen interest. Instead of sailing ships and caravans you are experiencing technologies that are beyond your wildest dreams... But - and this is so damn good - the basic game-play has not changed a bit: Thus you establish merchant houses on various islands, build housing estates in order to satisfy your people's needs. Initially they only request special foods and alcohol. But later they demand entertainment establishments and luxury goods such as 3D projectors and household robots. That compels you to procure the necessary raw materials for these things on other islands!


If you have already been an avid fan of Anno 1404 - Venice you definitely will love Anno 2070. Even if one has to go through a culture shock: Finally Anno 2070 stages - at least in comparison to the previous game - a time leap of over 600 years!It is obvious what that means: Expansion, war, trade, diplomacy, and intrigue! In the first few laps you may develop and utilize only the technologies of your faction. Later on, you have recourse to the achievements of all parties: Each the for-profit tycoons, the sustainable eco-warriors and the technology-obsessed scientists have specific technologies that provide extremely much variety. At a certain stage your expansion reaches a very new level: it takes place under water! Each manufacturing site of Anno 2070 - there are wind power stations, coal-fired or nuclear power plants, nautical oil rigs or algae farms - obey their own laws and thus create their own game conditions... It is obvious that the three factions constantly bring their interests into conflict and thus war is inevitable! It is your choice whether you rather rely on a futuristic battle fleet or on so-called Skyhammer Bombers... Either way, it is getting definitely gigantic!


Even in the future our MegaTrainer has a lot to offer: Our Cheats raise the values of your money. Your licenses will be increased as well. Likewise the resources of your warehouses and your ships will be set to a maximum value - during the loading process! In addition, you can upgrade your production in a way that you will permanently achieve unlimited resources. Finally, the Anno 2070 Trainer makes it possible to recruit infinite units and to build up an unlimited number of ships. Thus one thing is certain: You are heading for a rosy future!


  • 3 Factions: The Tycoon-, Eco- and the Tech-Faction
  • The players decisions have an impact on the environment
  • Thanks to specially developed Engine: Stunning graphics
  • Extensive campaign-, endless- and multi-player mode
  • Three fractions: Tycoons or eco-activists or scientists
  • Gigantic, unprecedented expansion of cities
  • Unique Simulation of the near future
  • Innovative game-play mechanics
  • Incredible futuristic architecture

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