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01.05.2012 • 5 Codes

Anno 2070 - Deep Ocean: Atlantis of the Future!

Anno 2070 – Deep Ocean introduces the most comprehensive production chain of all Anno games. You will need ten different commodities that may be found under both under water and on land to manufacture and ship them. Luckily our MegaTrainer even works under water with the best performance possible: Thanks to various cheats you will get any amount of money and unlimited resources!
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Blue Byte, Related Designs
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Anno 2070 - Deep Ocean Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Money 10 mio
If you activate this cheat during a game, the value of your money resp. licenses will be set and frozen to the listed value.
Licenses 1000
If you activate this cheat during a game, the value of your money resp. licenses will be set and frozen to the listed value.
Max resources by load/ship
Activate this cheat when you load/ship resources from or to the kontor. From ship to kontor the amount in the kontor will be maximized while loading from kontor to ship will set the value in the kontor to maximum minus the resources for the ship.
Unlimited Units
As long as this cheat is active, you military points for ships resp. troops won't be increased if you build ships resp. troops. If you don't already have the maximum number, you can build unlimited amount of ships/troops.
Resources in buildings 999
Activate this cheat and each building for resources will have the given value of its resource, as soon as you visit it.

Hint: Build many warehouses and all resource-building in a small part of your island. Disable the buildings and fill it always if necessary to have unlimited amount of resources.

Special Hint

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Anno 2070 has already been great in every thinkable way! But Anno 2070 - Deep Ocean is simply sensational! One has not expected that the add-on Anno 2070 - Deep Ocean surpasses the main game in terms of complexity! Even if the user-interface initially looks harmless, appearances are deceptive! Beneath the appearance, it disguises the most comprehensive production possibilities of all Anno games. Four cycles are to go through. To Accomplish this goal, you need ten raw materials that you have to gain both under water and on land, before you can start the production and the trading. The chronic lack of space, with which you have to cope with, does not make things easier.


Since the game-play is well known, Anno 2070 - Deep Ocean takes place in the future, of course, the technologies and the needs of your residents are very different. You are required, for example, to install energy transmitters to provide power supply wireless. And of course, your residents will demand bionic suits. In the very well orchestrated campaign a tidal power plant unleashes a terrible tsunami. First, it is your burden to help out several victims and to curb the consequential damages, later you have to build up energy transmitters, to locate geniuses and buy other islands. For everything and everyone - even for your military - you need raw materials that has to be transported from A to B! The futuristic submarine Sisyphus will offer its services for that...


Our MegaTrainer works fabulous - even under water! Thanks to various Cheats, you receive any amount of money and enough licenses. The resources of your warehouse and of your ship will be set to a maximum, during the loading process! In addition, you improve your production, thus you can generate unlimited resources. And to make things even better: In contrast to the rules of the game, which establish a maximum, the Anno 2070 - Deep Ocean Trainer enhances you to recruit infinitely many units and to build up as many ships as you want. Are you dreaming or are you playing yet?


  • Geothermal power plants provide clean energy
  • Conquests are possible without military means
  • Energy transfers improve the power supply
  • A network of underwater trade routes
  • More than 150 captivating missions
  • More than 30 new achievements
  • High-Score-Comparison

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