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Alien Breed 3 - Descent: A very special shooter

Alien Breed 3 - Descent is the long-awaited last part of the explosive well-known arcade shooter survival horror series whose success was founded by the two predecessors Alien Breed 2 - Assault and Alien Breed - Impact. Alien Breed 3 - Descent culminates all the strengths of the game series and ignites a firework of action, horror and fun!
Game Profile
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Year: 2010
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Alien Breed 3 - Descent Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+1.000 Money
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
No reload
With this cheat your ammo in clip won't decreased, so you don't need to reload at any time.
Infinite oxygen
Provides you with unlimited oxygen!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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Once again, the player follows in the steps of the protagonist Conrad, gathers brutal weapons and fights against hordes of highly intelligent aliens. The epic story primarily takes place in poignant scenes and is embedded in a highly dramatic and sinister game world whose horrible atmosphere is unparalleled. Especially the story promises to be particularly exciting this time. The protagonist struggles his way through a damaged alien ship that is about to sink in an icy ocean on an alien planet. While the hero fights against hordes of aliens and flees from the encroaching waters, Alien Breed 3 - Descent finally is going to reveal the mysterious truth behind the existence of the alien breed...
Alien Breed 3 - Descent really provides a grand finale, especially for those players who are familiar with the two previous games! But until all unresolved issues will be finally resolved, there is still a lot to do for your genuine character. Surviving for example… that would be a start! For this purpose only you rush through a half tattered space station and cut off one alien after another. But beware: The insectoid creatures move very quickly and they often attack from an ambush. Don’t worry, though, because your weapons arsenal is a feather in your cap! Like any shooter you have the standard pistols and machine guns. However, it is a lot more fun to hunt down the zombies by using your infernal flamethrower. But it gets even better: For the very first time Alien Breed 3 - Descent provides you the opportunity to slay your enemies with two brand-new electric weapons…


The so-called Project X weapon unleashes a mighty electronic impulse that tears down everything located in its catchment area! Its deadly sister, the so-called Electro-Link gun, shoots perishable flashes on your enemies and is the ideal weapon to wipe out whole hordes of creatures: Whenever this special lightning-gun kills off the alpha leader of any alien group, all surrounding creatures will also be grilled! What great fun! Whenever you do not decapitate hideous beasts, quarter them, hunt them down or just grill them, Alien Breed 3 - Descent comes up with many odd puzzles that must be solved in order to move forward in the various scenarios. In other situations you look for diverse key-cards, blow up obstacles with C4 and unscrew damaged generators. Besides that you try very hard to find health packs and ammunition and to purchase more destructive weapon upgrades.
Alien Breed 3 – Descent really is an authentic survival horror experience: Thus you have to go easy on your resources. This also means that you avoid unnecessary fights. You should sneak past aliens as often as possible! At the latest when you have to face your very first boss enemy, you absolutely will have to eat into your reserves. These terrifying giant beasts are anything but easy to wrestle down! One thing stands out particularly in Alien Breed 3 - Descent: The unique atmosphere! The game world is designed with great attention to detail. The highbrow graphics are stunning. The soundtrack is arcane and mysterious. Everything is wrapped in a dark shade that gets illuminated by pale light just here and there. The ambiance enchants and is yet creepy! In many scenarios you can’t see the beasts that are groping in the dark until they suddenly appear in the beam of your flashlight. This kind of horror calls for action! That is the brilliant recipe of Alien Breed 3 - Descent: Take hard-hitting action, wrap it in a mad and poignant atmosphere and envelop the whole thing with an epic story. Voilà, there it is: A very special shooter!


There is no doubt about that: Our Alien Breed 3 - Descent cheats are certainly something very special! Only by enabling the cheats of our MegaTrainer your alien slayer receives any amount of money and items. Now you can purchase any weapons upgrades immediately and you may tinker any useful modifications. Our other Alien Breed 3 - Descent cheats equip you with a permanently loaded magazine, infinite ammo and even with the bad-ass Godmode. The advantage is obvious: You may shoot until you are blue in the face! Furthermore you will become immortal in the struggle for survival against the aliens! As mentioned previously, the Alien Breed 3 - Descent Trainer is something very special!


  • Mighty weapons: Machine guns, flamethrowers and two new electric guns
  • Very last part of the famous arcade shooter survival horror series
  • Struggle for survival against hordes of highly intelligent aliens
  • Epic storyline with many mad and poignant scenes
  • Highly dramatic and sinister game world
  • Fireworks of action, horror and fun
  • Insanely exciting atmosphere
  • Stunning graphics

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