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21.08.2017 • 27 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Deep Silver Volition
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Agents of Mayhem Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
+1000 cash
Each time you activate this cheat, your money will be increased by the listed amount.
+100 scrap
Gives you scrap according to the displayed value!
+5 intel
This cheat increases the defined type of resource by the displayed value.
+10 dark matter residue
This cheat increases the defined type of resource by the displayed value.
+10 elemental fragments
This cheat increases the defined type of resource by the displayed value.
+10 machine parts
This cheat increases the defined type of resource by the displayed value.
No gun overheat
With this cheat none of your weapons will overheat anymore!
Infinite shield
By this cheat you can force your shield-energy to maximum to withstand also strong attacks.
No reload
Activate this cheat and you don't have to reload anymore.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Infinite mayhem
This cheat provides you with unlimited mayhem.
car godmode
This cheat prevents your car from breaking down.
No skill cooldown
If you activate this cheat, the ability-cooldown is completed immediately.
Half experience
You only earn half of the original XP!
Only 3 bullets
Decreases your maximum number of rounds to the displayed value!
+1 upgrade core
This cheat increases the defined type of resource by the displayed value.
Fast experience
Allows you to earn XP a whole lot faster!
Infinite gremlin/Free crafting
No restrictions by crafting special items, etc.
No mayhem
Resets your mayhem!

Special Hint

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Agents of Mayhem: 12 Heroes vs. Intergalactic Terrorism!

The 2017 released action-Open-World-third-person-video-game Agents of Mayhem is the latest game from Deep Silver Volition, the developers of the popular and bizarre Saints Row franchise. You take control over 12 different agents and try to destroy the intergalactic terrorist organization LEGION once and for all. Fighting takes place in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. LEGION’s ultimate goal is complete world domination but our 2017 MegaTrainer with exclusive cheats and code will make sure it never comes to this!


The video game Agents of Mayhem is set in the same universe as the Saints Row-games, Saints Row 2 ], Saints Row 4, and Saints Row - Gat out of Hell. That’s why fans of the series will see a lot of familiar faces in the open-world from Seoul, like Kingpin for example. The story of Agents of Mayhem revolves around the intergalactic terrorist organization LEGION. After they having taken several cities all over the world, they established the Ministry of Pride under the leadership of Doctor Babylon in Seoul. Now they are reaching for their ultimate goal: complete world domination! LEGION can only be stopped by a handful of specialists and heroes the Agents of Mayhem. Your group is lead by former LEGION-agent Persephone Brimstone. The story of the game will keep you busy and entertained for around 20 hours of playtime, this can easily be doubled or even tripled if you finish all side-missions and races as well as collect all collectibles and level up one of the 12 different heroes!


In the action-game Agents of Mayhem fights an overwhelming force of enemies is always fought in Third-person. A group of three agents can be sent out into the streets of Seoul, you can only control agents at a time but easily switch between them during fights to make use of each one. You have complete control over the agents in your group, all 12 of them offer different skills and abilities as well as special-attacks. Similar to gigantic MMO-games, the effectiveness of your attacks is displayed in form of numbers above your enemies’ head. All 12 characters feel like they are bringing something to the table and different missions and enemy groups pretty much force you to change your group line up more often than not. Which is a good thing, otherwise you would probably stick with the same three characters throughout the entire game and the other nine characters would be nothing more than fillers! Unlike in Saints Row - Gat out of Hell though, developer Volition has not included multiplayer or co-op into Agents of Mayhem. Definitely feels like a missed opportunity since the 12 different characters would be perfect during co-op gameplay. All agents earn experience points after successful missions, level-up and unlock new gadgets, skins etc. In your Mayhem base, non-active agents can be sent out to fight LEGION all over the world. The scope of the game is gigantic and even though the approach to mission design can feel a whole lot more conservative than in Saints-Row-games, the humor which the series is known for is still there and if you are into it, exploring the world and characters of Agents of Mayhem is simply a blast!


In order to put LEGION out of business once and for all, your agents cannot only rely on firepower and skills alone, even they need our 2017 MegaTrainer and its exclusive cheats and. Our handmade Agents of Mayhem Cheats equip you with unlimited ammo thanks to the no-reload-code, weapon overheating is a thing of the past and XP can be easily added with the simple touch of a button. We offer you additional cheats in our Agents of Mayhem Trainer. Refill your bank to buy new gadgets as well as car-upgrades. But there is so much more - download our one-of-a-kind MegaTrainer immediately!


  • Set in the Saints Row universe
  • Classic Saints Row humor
  • Amazing over the top bosses
  • 49 Steam Achievements
  • 12 different heroes
  • Huge open-world


One of the most popular Stilwater veterans, Johnny Cat, is also featured in the game Agents of Mayhem . Unfortunately though only if you pre-ordered the game or bought the Day-One-Edition. The South Korean hero comes equipped with six cosplay skins and his own recruitment mission.

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