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Age of Wonders 2: A very individual touch!

The turn-based fantasy strategy game Age of Wonders 2 continues the great success of its predecessor Age of Wonders. The developers of Triumph Studios offer their fans a wonderful epic full of complex strategy and varied challenges. Other games of the genre will have to keep up with that! Anyone who wants to enhance his tactical possibilities in this game may simply use our MegaTrainer. With one cheat each for mana and gold your strategy will practically know no limits anymore!
Game Profile
Publisher: Triumph Studios
Developer: Triumph Studios
Release Year: 2010
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Age of Wonders 2 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Add 1,000 gold (on end turn)
This cheat increases your gold, according to the displayed value!
Add 1,000 mana (on end turn)
Increases your mana, according to the displayed value!
Heal unit (on select)
Using this Cheat, you are able to heal yourself!
Unlimited unit movement
This means that your units may move over the entire field rather than just a few fields!
Instant research
This cheat accelerates your research!

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Sure enough: If you hear "Age of Wonders 2", you will naturally think of the other games of the series immediately, such as Age of Wonders and Age of Wonders 3. But the good thing about the games of this exceptional series is that each game comes up with unique features and a genuine story:
Age of Wonders 2 masterfully stages a stunning fantasy world, the so-called blessed continent. This picturesque continent is the home to many peoples and nations: elves, dark elves, dwarves, orcs, halflings, goblins, frostlings, undead, archonier, tigraner, draconians and of course human wizards.
Actually, the transition of the ages should have taken place peacefully: The age of the elves is supposed to go to its end and the age of humankind is supposed to rise from the ashes. But quite the contrary: The transition from the one into the next age unfortunately made chaos arise out of hibernation and therefore provoked a terrible war that leads to humanity being on the brink of extinction.
Mighty wizards have seized power and plunged the world into chaos.
The last remaining humans that have fled the dire magicians find their last hope, of course, in your character: During the grueling campaign you play no less than the powerful wizard Merlin. Your goal is clear: You have to make the human race gather new strength and lead them back to power. The other wizards will try to prevent this at all costs...


The turn-based fantasy strategy game Age of Wonders 2 should be played very diversely for sure. The most important news about the gameplay are as follows: You will start in the role of the mighty Merlin, build up cities, expand them, conquer other cities, learn new spells, recruit special heroes, command whole armies, explore the vast cosmos of the game world and get in touch with other wizards. Making contact with the other wizards can actually only be done in two ways: Either through diplomacy or though warfare!
And let you be told one thing: The hexagonal aligned maps generate unique battles! Unlike similarly constructed strategy games the fighting scenes here do not consist of automatically generated symbols of units colliding with each other. Quite the contrary: The colossal battles are fought with up to 56 individual units!
The tactical depth that is hidden behind that is incredibly profound. The wellspring of tactical options is hard to beat: You'll choose from twelve very different races who are featuring more than 130 units and over 100 spells. The more than 30 heroes lead your armies into battle. They all are expandable individually. In addition, the more than 20 deities will influence the game sooner or later. The bottom line is: Age of Wonders 2 provides tons of mysterious artifacts, powerful spells, colossal weapons and innovative upgrades. That will serve your individual tactics and variety more than you might expect.


Nevertheless, we offer you something very special that will boost your tactics incredibly: the latest MegaTrainer of 2016 and its brand new cheats of 2016. Immediately, you will receive an unlimited amount of gold and mana – aka the two most important resources in games like this! Because only by having infinite much gold you can buy all new weapons and new upgrades for your heroes and your cities. And only with an unlimited amount of mana you can slam spells over spells against your enemies. Taking into consideration the huge variety of spells, upgrades, artifacts and weapons that this game offers you can't stress the enormous benefits of infinite mana and gold enough. But that's not everything that the brand new Age of Wonders 2 cheats of 2016 have to offer. With our codes you can always heal your heroes and troops! You may even move them as far as you like. Aren't that great news? Completely clear: Using the latest Age of Wonders 2 Trainer of 2016 your tactics will make quantum leaps, you'll see!


  • Very nice epic full of complex strategy and varied challenges
  • Exciting and thrilling campaign full of very unique scenarios
  • Mysterious artifacts, powerful spells and colossal weapons
  • Many peoples and nations with very individual skills
  • Unique games mechanics and a genuine story
  • About 130 units and over 100 spells
  • 2nd part of a notorious games series
  • Pronounced powerful wizards
  • Over 30 upgradeable heroes
  • Twelve very different races
  • Masterfully staged fantasy
  • News over news online


Age of Wonders 2 as well as the other games of the series are very often compared to the games of the series of Heroes of Might and Magic. And indeed: games like Might and Magic Heroes 7 and Might and Magic X - Legacy actually have some parallels to the adventures of Triumph Studios. But the comparison is misleading in several aspects, especially since Age of Wonders 2 is just much more profound both tactically and strategically. This second part of the series presents a much greater variety in terms of units, heroes, nations, battles, terrains and landscapes. Its complexity gives this game a very individual touch. Just wonderful!

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