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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Adventure Park - The Place where Dreams come true!

The brilliant simulation game Adventure Park totally breathes new life into a traditional, but unfortunately faded genre. As a park manager it is your duty to find a solution for all the concerns that come with an adventure park. Our MegaTrainer naturally helps where he can: Its Cheats ensure that your visitors will always have incredibly much money that they can spend in your park!
Game Profile
Publisher: bitComposer Games
Developer: b-Alive
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Adventure Park Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
All visitors always have 200 cash
Maintains both the money and the happieness of your visitors.
Money +1,000 on buy
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Minimum 100,000 money (on buy)
Once this value falls below, this Cheat increases it immediately.
Beware: First activate the cheat in the main menu, then open up career mode!
All visitors always 100% happy
Maintains both the money and the happieness of your visitors.

Special Hint

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Playing Adventure Park, the player becomes an architect and manager at the same time. The goal: One has to provide the most spectacular amusement park, the world has ever seen. However, all this can’t be achieved by construction alone. Finally, the player must pay much attention to the entertainment of the park and its employees. Therefore, Adventure Park stages no ordinary simulation. The players have a great free hand while impersonating both architect and manager. In eight completely different scenarios all your dreams become reality.


The large degree of creative freedom also inflicts the site and the street-system. At the beginning, the various venues usually are a bit run down and overgrown with wild plants. Now it is up to you to get the terrain of your amusement park down pat. This means: You plant different trees, bulldoze new floors, build numerous roads and install water pits for upcoming hydro attractions. Therefore you should always keep in mind that your site has to match with the theme of your amusement park. The themes of Adventure Park are numerous: Pirates, Wild West, Stone Age and dinosaurs, ancient Egypt or the distant future! Your visitors will thank you, if the terrain and the plants are in line with the rides and the decorations. In general, the customer is king. Concerning the faces of your visitors you can always read what pleasures them and what not. Thus you can arrange appropriate improvements, according to their wishes. Dissatisfactions are often caused by the fact that you might have recruited to less personnel. If you have too few gardeners, your plants will wither. Without employing adequate garbage men, your park gets dirty and your visitors stay away. In addition, you urgently need technicians of various classes, beginning with simple labourers up to specialists. Who else will maintain the safety of the many rides in your Adventure Park? And of course it goes without saying that your attractions and rides form the core and centre of your company. The more groovy roller coasters and wicked water attractions decorate your amusement park, the more satisfied the customers will be. And when it comes to rides, Adventure Park stages a wealth of ideas beyond compare. Water Octopuses, Free Fall Towers and massive Ferris Wheels mustn’t be missing at any theme park. However the innovative, grid-less railway construction system is second to none. This application allows you to create roller coasters, like you never thought it'd be possible. By planning and pursuing the construction of the curves, the loops and the routes, you are completely free. As a result, you not only build up promising paths, but you inspire your virtual visitors at a highly advanced level. And the happier your guests are, the higher is entrance fee you may require. Finally, sooner or later your park must become profitable, so that Adventure Park unlocks the next scenario. Therefore every penny should be well and properly invested. But you'll realize very soon that a theme park is harder to manage as anything else. There are so many different things to consider. Your visitors need access to food, drinks and toilets. And yet, they want a nicely decorated park, which is full of statues, fountains, lamps, fences, flags and other decorative exhibits. But all the paths to the attractions may not be too long. Adventure Park just is a complex architecture and management simulation that is anything but ordinary!


That's right people! The Cheats of our MegaTrainer not only provide the player with more money. Quite the contrary: One of our Cheats ensures that all your visitors will have enough money, which they can spend at your amusement park. This feature will make your cash tills ring even louder than that of Scrooge McDuck ever could! In addition, the Adventure Park Trainer ensures that your money never falls below the value of 100,000! As a result, you enjoy complete freedom and thus can build anything you want. As I said: There is more money for everyone and that is the key to success!


  • Innovative, grid-less construction system for roller coasters
  • The fewest possible restrictions at all levels
  • Eight motley scenario with its own decor
  • Countless rides and attractions
  • Extensive terrain changes
  • Differentiated staff
  • Great zoom-app
  • Peaks graphics

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