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08.10.2018 • 9 Codes

60 Parsecs: Hoarding and survival in space!

60 Parsecs is the direct successor to the 2015 indie-simulation-video-game 60 Seconds. The gameplay is basically the same, but instead of trying to survive for longer than 60 seconds in a nuclear bunker you are now in space and have to survive there. One of the biggest worries in space: soup shortage! Our 2018 MegaTrainer helps you survive with unique Balancing-Codes!
Game Profile
Publisher: Robot Gentleman
Developer: Robot Gentleman
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

60 Parsecs! Cheats



The events in the video-game 60 Parsecs take place in the future. You and your crew members are on a space station. Your space station, however, is under attack and is on the verge of atomic destruction. You only have 60 seconds for the evacuation before everything gets blown up. During this time you have to collect all the necessary supplies and save yourselves in a rescue capsule. After that your journey through space in the video-game 60 Parsecs begins, where you will land on different planets, get to know new life forms and search for resources to survive.


The video-game 60 Parsecs is divided into different sections. First, you have to assemble your crew within 60 seconds and collect all necessary supplies to leave your space station before an imminent attack. Afterward, you have to go into a rescue capsule and fly into space. Each character has its own character traits and attributes. From here on every in-game day has a new event on the schedule. In the video-game 60 Parsecs you have to look for planets on which you can land in order to search for new resources from which you can create vital items. To access these resources, you must complete different tasks for the respective inhabitants of the planets. Not every planet is safe, however!


In the video-game 60 Parsecs your space station is about to explode and you have little time for evacuation. Even if you manage to save yourself from the station, your life in space won't be easy. Fortunately, our great 60 Parsecs Trainer provides you with nine handmade 60 Parsecs Cheats that will help you further. Our +5 Soup Cans Cheat increases the stock of your food and lets you survive longer in space and with our No Hunger Cheat, your crew members will survive for a while without anything to eat. Our Character Traits Cheats set the moral and sanity of your selected character to maximum and give him full health, full agility, full intelligence and full strength!


  • Start relationships among crew members
  • Evacuating crew members
  • Search for resources
  • Explore new worlds
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Collect supplies
  • Enter rations


The video-game 60 Parsecs is a survival-game and the successor of 60 Seconds released in 2015. Both games were developed and published by the Polish indie-developer and publisher Robot Gentleman. 60 Parsecs was released on September 18, 2018 and is available for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS.

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