3D Ultra Pinball 3 - The Lost Continent Trainer

01.05.2012 • 1 Codes

3D Ultra Pinball 3 - Der vergessene Kontinent: Jurassic Park - but different!

It is hard to believe, but the two previous games 3D Ultra Pinball and 3D Ultra Pinball - Creep Night have been experienced, by so many fans, with such a great enthusiasm that now a third part of this brilliant game series is available: 3D Ultra Pinball 3 - The Lost Continent!
Game Profile
Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Sierra Entertainment, Dynamix
Release Year: 1999
Game Modes: Singleplayer

3D Ultra Pinball 3 - The Lost Continent Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
set number of balls to 8
With this you can set the number of remaining balls to the listed value which allows longer games.

Special Hint

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This pinball simulation stages a backdrop that evokes numerous associations to Jurassic Park! The narration of 3D Ultra Pinball 3 - The Lost Continent tells the story of a plane crash on a remote island where a mad scientist has managed to develop robot dinosaurs! In the role of different protagonists, you pursue the goal to flip your balls in a way that you can find back into modern civilization and of course to save your companions, and most of all to kill off the malicious robot-dinosaurs!


By staging many varied challenges in 15 different maps, divided into three sectors (jungle, temples and laboratory) 3D Ultra Pinball 3 - The Lost Continent provides a gorgeous game experience across the board! Not to mention the excellent graphics and the bombastic sound!


Unbelievable but true: Thanks to the Cheats of our MegaTrainer you can increase your amount of balls up to 8. Therefore the 3D Ultra Pinball 3 - The Lost Continent Trainer will provide more time in your play. But as you well know it is only believed what one can see!


  • Authentic simulation of a pinball machine
  • Compelling graphics
  • Many varied tasks
  • Great music

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